Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Blessings

I hope that no matter how you celebrate, this time of year brings you great joy, time with family and memories that last a life time.

But most of all, I pray Yeshua shines bright in your life and spills out to everyone around you.

Below is a repost of some thoughts I wrote back in 2008. Although I know the controversy of Christmas in regards to being a Messianic Jew, I still find this time of year a special one between myself and my King. Things may change, and how we celebrate may change but at the heart of it all is family and intimacy with the King. I hope you enjoy.

As I Think About Christmas

The steam from the mug warms my face. With every breath, the sweet indulgent vapor of cocoa penetrates my body. On the couch, snuggled beneath my mother’s quilt, I am surrounded by a domesticated display of northern lights emanating from the tree adorned with memories past.

It is here that I think about Christmas.

I think about the time I spent selecting each present bought for loved ones. Each gift that is painstakingly decided upon with the hope that the smile displayed at the unveiling of the present matches the joy exploding within my heart.

I think about the tears I will shed over the delight of our children on Christmas morning as they run to the tree to find their anticipated treasures. I am amazed at the rejuvenating power of a child’s laughter, joy and faith in that which can’t be seen.

I think about the food that will be meticulously prepared and the family that will gather to partake of it. Each one, in love with the day, will come in contentment to sit and visit, renewing and strengthening their bond of kinship.

But most of all, I think of a child nestled at the breast of a virgin mother. Born in a manger, born in seclusion, born to be chased, mocked and scorned, yet born a King, born to save, and born to be our greatest gift.

Amidst the dreams of a beautiful Christmas will I rest in the arms of my King. I will hug his neck, kiss his cheek, lie beneath his shadow and offer him my heart, for it is the greatest gift that I can give to the one who gives all things.

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shabbat School

Shabbat School Holiday Module

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to embark upon a unique adventure.

Our Shabbat School (kid's sunday school that takes place during Sabbath service) put on a holiday module. 8 Tables....approx 40 kids....and lots of food.

Every table represented a different Jewish feast or holiday and had foods that are traditionally eaten on that day.

I was in charge of the Rosh haShanah table. Typically, we eat apples dipped in honey as it is representative of the sweet things of the Lord coming to pass in the new year. However, the thought of 40 kids dipping apples in honey was a bit more than my OCD could bear so I baked honey cake. Oh kids were drooling!

Our dear friend and Shabbat School Coordinator, Brian, put together the following trailer on his Mac. (makes me totally want a Mac).


Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hebrew Song....Performed by the Fricklets

Hello Blog...I intended to post this over the weekend but had some video technical difficulties. Namely, how to link my Blackberry to my computer. Yeah...that was fun!

I think the bugs have been exterminated so let's see what happens.

But first....the November issue of Rooted Living has published! This was a fun issue and encourage you to check it out. Just click the magazine pic on the right side of this blog.

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In synagogue, we sing a lot of songs/prayers in Hebrew. There's one particular song that the kids love and have started singing all day everyday, only their Hebrew is well.....a little funny.

And...I LOVE IT! So, I couldn't help but record it on video and share with you.

The song is called V'Shamroo v'nay Yisrael and it's the call of the children of Israel to keep the Shabbat as declared in Exodus 31:16,17.

It's funnier if you know what the song should sound like, so here is my attempt at singing the song for you. Note: I'm not a singer and this was recorded on my Blackberry. LOL!!

(It's just audio/no picture)

And, with that done..................I give you the Fricklets singing in Hebrew!

I can't help but think of Shamu, Sea World's Killer Whale. This will be dear to me forever!

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Friday, October 22, 2010

Suncatchers and Shabbat

Shabbat Shalom!

It's been a busy week. I kind of knew it had been a busy week but didn't think anything about it until my son informed me sometime around 3p.m. that Shabbat was starting tonight and on Shabbat, Mommy is not allowed to work. Okay......I get the hint.

So, we made tonight a little extra special.

Did you ever make suncatchers as a kid? It's a kit that has a metal framed design and you pour colored crystals into it, then bake it in the oven. I used to make them with my family as a kid but have never been able to find them as an adult...until now. Much to our delight, our local Hobby Lobby store is carrying them.

Tonight, we lit the candles....ate our Shabbat meal, cleared the table and created suncatchers!

Our little girl creating her crown jewels...

About here is where the memories of frustration of trying to keep the colors separated came flooding back. I resorted to tweezers.

An hour and a half after opening the packages, the works of art are in the oven...baking amidst an audience.

And, the final product. They weren't ready before the kids went to bed so I can't wait to see their faces when they find them in the morning.

(it's a butterfly, dolphins in the water, a crown, and 2 frogs on a lily pad)

Oh, and an extra - extra special treat. Tomorrow, we are manning the Rosh haShanah table for the Holiday Module in Shabbat school, so me and the kids baked up a couple of honey cakes for our presentation. I'm absolutely amazed they remained intact as every other phrase was ,"No, it's for your class."

At least they got to lick the bowl.

On November 1, the next issue of Rooted Living will publish. I stand in awe at what the Lord is doing... If you haven't signed up for your email subscription of the magazine, click here to do so. The subscription link is on the right side of the page.

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Little Friend

About five weeks ago, we had a guest pop up in the back yard. It was around 7pm in the evening and he started patrolling the back yard for food.

We have four bird feeder set up and he found and emptied everyone.

In an attempt to get him to quit eating the bird seed.....I put out some cat food.

Now, he lives in our back yard and is pretty much losing all fear of us. He'll still run up a tree if we come out, but if I call him -he'll come down and get some food.

It probably wasn't a good idea to start feeding him, but he's so cute! We have since named him Prince Seymour and, well, I'm just not quite sure what to do with him. Thoughts?

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Simchat Torah

On October 2, we celebrated Simchat Torah at Synagogue.

It's a day of celebration and a time to roll the scrolls back.

The Torah is broken down into parshat readings that are read in synagogues around the world every week. It's broken down in such a way that the entire Torah can be read in one year. At the end of that year (Simchat Torah) the last scriptures in Deuteronomy are read and then we "roll back" to the beginning and read Genesis 1:1, thus starting the cycle over again.

During this service, we celebrate the Torah, knowing it is the divine scripture given by Adonai himself. There is singing, dancing, shouting, laughter and tears of celebration. It's a downright party and Adonai's word is the guest of honor.

As tradition holds, everyone is given the opportunity to carry/dance with the scrolls. Here's Bug carrying the Haftorah scrolls. Yep, I cried. It made such an impact on him that he's still talking about it.

And, here's our fam after carrying the scrolls.

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Sukkah Pictures

Hello Blog!

Sukkot ended last Wednesday September 29th and I'm just now updating my pictures.


Because I was caught up in the throws of publishing a magazine. Rooted Living's October issue is now up for viewing, and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. I'm going to try to put a link in my sidebar. We'll see how tech savvy I can get. LOL!

But, for now.....the long awaited Sukkah pics.

Brief back story. Sukkot is the Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Booths. It is a holiday that commemorates the time when the Israelites fled Egypt
with Moses and wandered in the desert for 40 years while waiting to enter into the Promised Land.

It is also a time to celebrate the harvest from the earth (crops).

As a family, we build a Sukkah and then for the 7 (or 8) days of the holiday we eat our meals outdoors inside the Sukkah. Typically, a Sukkah should be made of natural materials and at the minimum have a roof that is made of natural materials but still open so one can see the stars through the roof.

Some very observant Jews sleep in the Sukkah as well. That is not the case with us, as I'd have to get over some "issues" first like bugs....our pet
raccoon sneaking up on me....etc.

So, here are our pics!

Stage 1: Building the structure

Stage 2: The roof. We used wood lattice

Stage 3: hang the "walls" and deocorate

More Decorating

Finished Sukkah

Undoubtedly, this is the kid's favorite holiday!

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Sukkah's Being Built

Sukkot - The Feast of Tabernacles is here. Or rather it starts tonight at sundown.

In honor of this feast, we are building a Sukkah in our back yard.

Here's pic #1.

Stay tuned!

More pics to come.......after my husband makes a run to Lowe's to get the parts he forgot. LOL!!

And, I have a to plan a "eating in the Sukkah" friendly menu as well as help the kids make decorations.

Loads of fun to be had.

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Upcoming Holidays


Hebrew Date


Rosh Ha-Shanah

Tishri 1-2

September 29-30, 2011

Yom Kippur

Tishri 9-10

Oct 7-8, 2011


Tishri 14-21

Oct 12-19, 2011

Simhat Torah

Tishri 22

Oct 23, 2011


Kislev 24 –

Tevet 2

December 21-28, 2011

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Days of Awe

I threw a stone. I didn’t want it to hit you, so I arced my arm away from your direction and threw it into the pond that you were standing next too.

I threw the stone into the water and it plopped and sunk to the bottom of the pond. The stone disappeared, but the water would not let me forget that I threw it as shock waves, in a concentric circle. moved out from the point the stone hit and rolled along the water until it hit the shore right next to you.

The shock wave, though small, leapt against the shore, sprinkling your shoes.

I tried not to hit you. I misdirected the fire of my anger, and yet it hit you anyway. Or perhaps, I misdirected the spirit of my tongue and it hit you anyway. So many times, I’ve misdirected my feelings from someone only to have them feel the repercussions of what I’ve said or what I’ve done. And, so many times I’ve misdirected the feelings of my heart without any thought to what my Messiah might think only to find He was standing by the water all along.

These are the Days of Awe. The days of repentance in which we take the time to become introspective of our thoughts, actions, and words over the past year.

On Rosh ha-Shanah, the Sefer HaChaim (the Book of Life) was opened. Adonai has written or not written our names in the book. On Yom Kippur the book is sealed. The Days of Awe sit nestled between the opening and closing of the book. This is our time to repent before our Lord.

For Messianics and Christians, we believe Messiah Yeshua has atoned for our sins and we are forgiven thus placing our names in the Sefer HaChaim. This is wonderfully true and freeing. But we must not forget that the Lord places these days of Holiness before us as a prophetic picture of what’s to come. And so we remember and we seek His face.

Are there any stones that you’ve thrown over the past year that are in need of reconciliation?

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Not So Traditional Rosh ha-Shanah

Shana Tova!!

Have a Good Year!

Well, it's the end of Rosh ha-Shanah and it didn't go as I'd planned. Isn't that how it works most of the time?

I'd hoped to put on a beautiful dinner party with a house full of friends to share the meal. I'd hoped to attend synagogue on the Erev of Rosh ha-Shanah and again today. I'd especially hoped to join in on the Tashlich portion of the service where, after prayers are recited, each person empties their pockets of bread crumbs onto the water. This is symbolic of casting our sins upon the water by which we give them to the Lord that He may purify us. (Micah 7:19)

But, it just didn't happen that way.

Mainly because I simply didn't have time to prepare. Instead of preparing for the dinner party and all the other ins and outs, I was spending time with my Father whom has not been home in 8.5 years. And, I'm enjoying every minute of it.

So, instead of being upset that things didn't go as planned so that I may present my "picture perfect event" unto the Lord. I have cast off the guilt and enjoyed the gift that the Lord has given to me....very special time spent with Dad.

In light of that, we had a very non-traditional Rosh ha-Shanah. Instead of a house full of guests, we had one dear family come over. And, instead of a table cloth and fancy silverware, we ate at the table with mismatched "whatever was clean" stuff while the kids ate picnic style in the living room.

We did manage to throw together a pretty nice meal. At least that's what my stomach thinks.

Which included a round raisin challah representing the yearly cycle.

And, I made a honey cake. YUM!! Traditionally, honey is eaten on the Jewish New Year to represent the sweet things the Lord will pour forth...or the sweet things for the coming year. I especially love this recipe because it has a secret So Good.

Now that Rosh ha-Shanah has ended, we have embarked upon the 10 days of Awe leading up to Yom Kippur. I have a holy fear of the Lord during this time and can't wait to share this with you.

For now, I leave you this clip. A very non-traditional blowing of the Shofar. You know, to go with the theme of our day.

BTW, the Bible story depicted in the song is the Torah portion read all over the world in synagogues. I have goose bumps just thinking about it.

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Not Always Easy

Prepping for Shabbat

Although we love Shabbat, I must admit that sometimes instead of "Yeah, it's Shabbat!", it's more like "Well, today's Shabbat....again."

Why? The Shabbat Seder takes thought, prep work, grocery shopping and parents who are motivated so that the kids get the positive effects of the event instead of feel the stress.

But sometimes life gets in the way of thought, prep work, grocery shopping AND a positive attitude.

For instance, our week has included the first week of home school, a child with strep throat, a plethora of good and not-so-good meetings, and three days of oversleeping our alarm (including today). I felt like I spent the entire week strapped behind the wheel of a NASCAR racing machine.

Couple the chaos with knowing that my husband had to leave right after dinner to go to Club Scout training, and it was very tempting for me to forgo our Shabbat ceremony. It would have been so much easier to order pizza, send the kids to their rooms to play and grab some quiet Mommy time.

I had to make a choice. And, I had to remember that for me, it's not just about rest. It's about family. It's about raising my children with their Jewish identity intact, and it's about making memories that last a lifetime.

So, I made a choice and somehow, we pulled off dinner.

Thanks to my wonderful husband, a Roast was put in the crock pot before leaving the house this morning.

And, I made a Sweet Noodle Kugel. Oh my...I could have just eaten this and been happy. So yummy and it brought back some child hood memories. Yum.

For dessert, I decided to try out a new recipe. Apple Cinnamon Strudel. The picture is a mess because it's made with phyllo dough which should have been baked on top of wax paper. I only had aluminum foil and the dough stuck. Oops. But, hey, smothered with vanilla ice cream and it doesn't matter how it looks. Right?

Since Daddy left for his training right after dinner and Mommy had a headache, we decided against board games. Instead, I let the kids pick a movie and the three of us sat down to watch High School Musical 3. And, I'm so glad we did. My kids ended up making a dance routine to one of the songs and I got the whole thing on video.

Yep, memories to last a lifetime!

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


As promised, here are the recipes to some of the things I cooked for our last Shabbat Seder.

Israeli Cucumber Salad

This recipe shows my typical way of cooking. A list of ingredients combined in amounts that reflect the family's taste buds.

I add:

Cucumbers, peeled and cut in small cubes
Tomato, cut in small cubes
Fresh Curly Parsley (a lot of it)
Fresh Lemon Juice
Salt to taste

Spinach Squares

3 Tbsp butter
4 eggs
1/2 cup whole wheat organic pastry flour
1/2 cup unbleached flour
1 cup milk
1 tsp salt
1tsp baking powder
8 oz shredded Monterey Jack Cheese
4 0z shredded White Cheddar Cheese
16 oz frozen (drained) spinach

Melt butter and coat bottom of large baking dish. Mix eggs, flours, milk, salt and baking powder. Add spinach and cheese. Combine well. Spread in bottom of pan. Cook at 350 for 35 minutes. Let cool.

Hope you enjoy!!

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shabbat Seder Food Pics

Our special Shabbat Seder was a success!

We lit the candles.

Pronounced the blessing over the bread and wine (juice really. :-) )

And ate dinner!

(No pic of the steak and chicken. I mean really, it's steak and chicken.)

Here's the Israeli Salad.

Spinach Cheese Squares which turned out to be a huge success. Our son is the pickiest eater I've ever seen and has never eaten anything green. He asked what the strongest flavor in this dish was and I answered "Cheese"! Surprising us all, he tried one, loved it and ate 3 back-to-back. This will now be a staple in our home. LOL.

And, Sweet Potato Pudding. Great thing about this recipe is it's healthy! It's sweetened with grated apple and spices. So yummy.

Our plan was to finish the evening with back yard games, but it started to rain during dinner. So, we played board games instead. It was our best Shabbat to date.

Continuing Teshuvah

During this time of year, Jews all over the world are physically taking time to examine their lives in regards to repentance before the Lord. One thing that we take time to think about is relationships we've had over the past 12 months. Have we been offended? Have we offended someone else? What can we do to bring atonement to these situations? Sometimes it's difficult to think about friendships or acquaintances that have caused hurt in our lives, but hurts can become a barrier between us and God. I encourage all of us during this time to examine our relationships and ask the Lord for strategy on how to bring amends to these situations, whether it require us to forgive or to ask for forgiveness.

And, mark your calendar! Rosh ha-Shanah is coming up starting at sundown September 8, 2010 (Elul 29, 5770)

Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Kids are Almost Here!

Just got a call from Nana and they are almost here with our kids in tow! I'm so excited. 10 days of having a no-kid zone does the body good, but I sure will be glad to get the Fricklets back in my arms.

And, since my wonderful in-laws (seriously, I really do love them) will be staying over, I'm making it an extra special Shabbat tomorrow.

Come 5:00 p.m., the sound of Erev Shabbat will be heard as the computer and Blackberry shut down and all attention turns towards the family and the Father.

On the menu:

Honey raisin Challah

Kosher Grape Juice (instead of wine)

Grilled Chicken and Steak

Israeli Cucumber Salad

Spinach Squares

Sweet Potato Pudding

Garlic Green Beans

Ice Cream for Dessert (yeah, dropped the ball on this one. )

(Note: We're Messianic - no kosher rules here. )

Followed by singing, laughing and family games. I can't wait. If I can remember to put the camera by the table, I'll be sure and post pictures this weekend.

On another note: We are nine days (at sundown) into the Teshuvah season. Teshuvah is a 40 day period in which we reflect upon the past year, atone for our mistakes, seek the face of the Father for forgiveness and gaze into the future of the year to come.

It is also traditional (and Biblical) to make amends with anyone that you've wronged....a time to make things right.

It's thought that during this time the Father, Adonai Elyon, is watching just a bit more closely and our actions will set the pace for the coming year. Hmmm....I think I'll let that linger and post on that next week.

Shalom, Spring M Fricks