Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shabbat Seder Food Pics

Our special Shabbat Seder was a success!

We lit the candles.

Pronounced the blessing over the bread and wine (juice really. :-) )

And ate dinner!

(No pic of the steak and chicken. I mean really, it's steak and chicken.)

Here's the Israeli Salad.

Spinach Cheese Squares which turned out to be a huge success. Our son is the pickiest eater I've ever seen and has never eaten anything green. He asked what the strongest flavor in this dish was and I answered "Cheese"! Surprising us all, he tried one, loved it and ate 3 back-to-back. This will now be a staple in our home. LOL.

And, Sweet Potato Pudding. Great thing about this recipe is it's healthy! It's sweetened with grated apple and spices. So yummy.

Our plan was to finish the evening with back yard games, but it started to rain during dinner. So, we played board games instead. It was our best Shabbat to date.

Continuing Teshuvah

During this time of year, Jews all over the world are physically taking time to examine their lives in regards to repentance before the Lord. One thing that we take time to think about is relationships we've had over the past 12 months. Have we been offended? Have we offended someone else? What can we do to bring atonement to these situations? Sometimes it's difficult to think about friendships or acquaintances that have caused hurt in our lives, but hurts can become a barrier between us and God. I encourage all of us during this time to examine our relationships and ask the Lord for strategy on how to bring amends to these situations, whether it require us to forgive or to ask for forgiveness.

And, mark your calendar! Rosh ha-Shanah is coming up starting at sundown September 8, 2010 (Elul 29, 5770)

Shalom, Spring M Fricks


  1. Will you share the spinach cheese square recipe? Those look so good.

  2. Spring, I love the candle holders and challis. Where did you get these? They are simply gorgeous.

  3. Very cool, Spring! Everything looks delicious!

  4. The above comment was from Aunt Jean

  5. YUM! Can you post the recipes?? I agree with Grace, I want the spinach cheese square recipe, but I want to try the salad and the sweet potato pudding as well. :) Love it that the kids had such fun.

  6. Thank you guys! Yes, I will post the recipes this week. Probably Wednesday.

    Lindy, thank you for the compliment on the candle set. We actually bought that set in Jerusalem. And, that means the world to me. :-)

  7. I second the spinach square recipe request. YUM. Can't wait to see them next week.