Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Days of Awe

I threw a stone. I didn’t want it to hit you, so I arced my arm away from your direction and threw it into the pond that you were standing next too.

I threw the stone into the water and it plopped and sunk to the bottom of the pond. The stone disappeared, but the water would not let me forget that I threw it as shock waves, in a concentric circle. moved out from the point the stone hit and rolled along the water until it hit the shore right next to you.

The shock wave, though small, leapt against the shore, sprinkling your shoes.

I tried not to hit you. I misdirected the fire of my anger, and yet it hit you anyway. Or perhaps, I misdirected the spirit of my tongue and it hit you anyway. So many times, I’ve misdirected my feelings from someone only to have them feel the repercussions of what I’ve said or what I’ve done. And, so many times I’ve misdirected the feelings of my heart without any thought to what my Messiah might think only to find He was standing by the water all along.

These are the Days of Awe. The days of repentance in which we take the time to become introspective of our thoughts, actions, and words over the past year.

On Rosh ha-Shanah, the Sefer HaChaim (the Book of Life) was opened. Adonai has written or not written our names in the book. On Yom Kippur the book is sealed. The Days of Awe sit nestled between the opening and closing of the book. This is our time to repent before our Lord.

For Messianics and Christians, we believe Messiah Yeshua has atoned for our sins and we are forgiven thus placing our names in the Sefer HaChaim. This is wonderfully true and freeing. But we must not forget that the Lord places these days of Holiness before us as a prophetic picture of what’s to come. And so we remember and we seek His face.

Are there any stones that you’ve thrown over the past year that are in need of reconciliation?

Shalom, Spring M Fricks


  1. more stones than i can throw, i'm sure. We will bow on bended knee, praising Him for what He did, is doing and will do for Eternity.

  2. What a great post. This has given me something to think about.