Monday, November 15, 2010

Shabbat School

Shabbat School Holiday Module

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to embark upon a unique adventure.

Our Shabbat School (kid's sunday school that takes place during Sabbath service) put on a holiday module. 8 Tables....approx 40 kids....and lots of food.

Every table represented a different Jewish feast or holiday and had foods that are traditionally eaten on that day.

I was in charge of the Rosh haShanah table. Typically, we eat apples dipped in honey as it is representative of the sweet things of the Lord coming to pass in the new year. However, the thought of 40 kids dipping apples in honey was a bit more than my OCD could bear so I baked honey cake. Oh kids were drooling!

Our dear friend and Shabbat School Coordinator, Brian, put together the following trailer on his Mac. (makes me totally want a Mac).


Shalom, Spring M Fricks

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hebrew Song....Performed by the Fricklets

Hello Blog...I intended to post this over the weekend but had some video technical difficulties. Namely, how to link my Blackberry to my computer. Yeah...that was fun!

I think the bugs have been exterminated so let's see what happens.

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In synagogue, we sing a lot of songs/prayers in Hebrew. There's one particular song that the kids love and have started singing all day everyday, only their Hebrew is well.....a little funny.

And...I LOVE IT! So, I couldn't help but record it on video and share with you.

The song is called V'Shamroo v'nay Yisrael and it's the call of the children of Israel to keep the Shabbat as declared in Exodus 31:16,17.

It's funnier if you know what the song should sound like, so here is my attempt at singing the song for you. Note: I'm not a singer and this was recorded on my Blackberry. LOL!!

(It's just audio/no picture)

And, with that done..................I give you the Fricklets singing in Hebrew!

I can't help but think of Shamu, Sea World's Killer Whale. This will be dear to me forever!

Shalom, Spring M Fricks