Friday, May 6, 2011

Western Wall

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Yeshiva of Jewish Identity

It is said that Jewish identity is as much our story as it is genetic.

With that in mind, I invite you to enjo

y a bit of our story. My hope is that in Yeshua (Jesus), Jew and Gentile will embrace the same story and become one as we endeavor to live a biblical way of life.

~ ~ ~

A heart poured out through ink on paper. Folded and sealed with tears, placed tenderly into the crack of an ancient wall, an act of faith that God will answer the cry of one’s heart.

Every day, this happens at the Western Wall. Ancient stones that have become the symbol of the Jewish people and yet it is a symbol for all who believe in God.

The wall border Mount Moriah, the religious epicenter of all who believe in the God of Israel. It’s the place where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac, the place where Jacob wrestled with God and dreamt of a ladder filled with angels, and the place where the Holy Temple was built.

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Shalom, Spring M Fricks