Sunday, April 7, 2013

Power of Praise Poem

Oh, how I love to praise the Lord.  The very thought of Yeshua fills my imagination with fields of lilies that I can run through and the scent of lilac and honey to flood my nose while the warmth of his arms are there to catch me at the back of the pasture when I run full force into Him.  The pools of his eyes fill mine till my soul knows no sorrow, and bitterness is a taste I'll never sense again.

And so Frances Metcalfe lived the Praise Life and penned these words:

Praise unlocks heaven's portals;
Praise causes doubts to cease;
Praise brings precious blessings;
Praise leaves the sweetest peace.

Praise breaks all bands asunder;
Praise sets the captives free;
Praise lightens every burden;
Praise is the master key.

Praise changes circumstances;
Praise establishes the heart;
When praise becomes perpetual,
Praise is a Holy Art.

Shalom, Spring M Fricks